The Retroflag GPi Case won't be powered on with 3 new AA batteries

I just bought a Retroflag GPi Case and Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) from core electronics a few days ago. The Retroflag GPi Case won’t be powered on with 3 new AA batteries. But it can be powered on with the DC power input. I can’t use it as a portable device because it can’t be turn on with batteries.

Has anyone experienced this same issue? Can I get some help with this?

Hi Stanley,

Hmm seems odd the only think I can think of is that your batteries aren’t correctly connected

I’m pretty sure I have put in the batteries correctly. I have even tried with different brands of batteries. So far I’ve bought three packs of batteries for this GPi case just because it won’t turn on with batteries.
I have spent $138 and only got a faulty product back.

Hi Stanley,

Absolutely, but before going down a returns path we want to be confident a replacement will fix your issue.

Have you installed the safe shutdown scripts, and have you enabled safe shutdown mode using the switch in the battery case?

Have you installed the GPi patch for retropie?
You need this to get video output to the GPi display.

Can you post some photos of it powered up using the USB cable, and trying to run from batteries?

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Yes, I have enabled safe shutdown mode using thee switch in the battery case.
Yes, I have done all that. I have checked their website and try to resolve this problem. but it didn’t work. that’s why I pretty sure it’s faulty product.

If I describe the problem again. The GPi case never powered on by batteries, the little red light on top remain off when I try to switch on the unit with 3 batteries. But if I plugin power adapter, the GPi can be switch on and works fine. If I unplug the power while the GPi is running. It will still keep running without any problem. I guess it is using the batteries as power source.
However It will never turn on if I don’t plug the powered adapter and try to turn on the switch on the top of GPi case.

Hi Stanley,

That is very strange the only thing left I can think of is to make sure you’re using fully charged batteries and using alkalines not NiMHs to make sure it’s getting sufficient voltage.

If they’re brand new Alkalines it may indeed be a hardware issue - if you confirm they’re fully charged alkalines we’ll send through the info on our warranty process via email and get this sorted for you ASAP.

Support | Core Electronics

I have made short footage to show the problem of this GPi case. Hopefully you can get an idea what I’ve talking about.

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Hey Stanley,

No worries, we’ve sent through your returns process to get this one sorted out, sorry about the issues that you’ve had with your GPi we’ll get your parts processed for you and get a solution for this one right away. Make sure to send through a receipt of your shipping for the return, so that once we’ve organized it according to the policy we can compensate you for the cost. Have a great day!

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