New Raspberry Pi 3B+ Doesn't boot

Hi, I received my new two Raspberry Pi 3B+ and one Raspberry Pi Zero W yesterday from Core Electronics.

However, one of the 3B+ Pis is not booting. All I can see is the red light on the board.

I have tried with the below.

  1. Latest NOOBS
  2. Latest Raspibian
  3. Official Raspberry Pi power supply.

The same SD card image works well in the other 3B+ and Zero. However this one fails to boot.

Can you please help me fix the issue?


Hey Bas,
Just to kick this one off for the tech team, could you give us a brief rundown of how the Pi is responding to power. How do the LED react? What are you seeing displayed on the attached screen.

Hi Aidan,

when I connect the Pi, all I can see is the red PWR light.

There is nothing received on the attached screen. The monitor power light just keeps blinking.


Hi Bas,

The monitor light blinking sounds like it’s not getting a video signal. This could be because the board is not outputting on the HDMI and trying to use composite instead (intended to be a fallback), or because it’s just not booting at all.

Go into the config.txt file on the Micro SD card, and add the following lines

  • hdmi_force_hotplug=1
  • hdmi_drive=2

If that doesn’t work, try a fresh install of just Raspbian without NOOBS and set it up headless using these instructions (written for a Pi Zero, but will also work on a 3+). If you can connect to it that way, we can have a look and see if it’s trying to output to the monitor and failing, otherwise it’s not booting at all.

If that happens, reply to your order email with a link to this forum post and the support guys will be able to get you a replacement.

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Thank you Josh. I’ll try these instructions tonight. And will let you know how it goes.