Return of the Floppy Disk

A long time ago, in a computer far, far away, floppy disk drives were useful. Fast forward to 2016 and floppy disk drives belong in a museum. In fact, the only remnants of the floppy disk era left in my house is my much loved copy of Sim City 2000.

However, much like undercuts and denim jackets, people around the world are using vintage technology to create incredibly cool projects with it. One of the best examples of this I’ve seen recently is this epic recreation of the iconic Star Wars theme by YouTuber Paweł Zadrożniak. Named the ‘Floppytron’, along with putting together the 64x floppy disk drive array, 8x hard drive array, and whatever else he is using, there is the custom circuitry to drive it all from a PC and code designed to run the floppy disk drives at the desired frequencies.

The truly awesome part is that not only has he recreated the melody, but Zadrożniak has used various devices to play the many different instrumental parts which makes Star Wars well… Star Wars. We can only imagine the wonder of seeing R2-D2 dance to the robotic orchestra, but for now, take a look at a fantastic tutorial on the internet showing how you can use an Arduino to create your very own floppy disk symphony.
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