RFID race timing system


Looking to use the simultaneous RFID reader with UHF antenna to create an accurate and reliable race timing system. We run a two day motorcycle race in western NSW with around 250 riders, in the past we have used a transponder timing system which has been unreliable and expensive.
I have used RFID in livestock for over fifteen years but these systems have limitations .

I found core electronics video on their simultaneous reader and the frisbees being thrown at it and thought it could work for our system.
Questions I have are:
Will it work
Read distance of the UHF RFID
Is it possible to use dual antenna with this as to extend the read range. (4-5 metre )
What do I need to transfer data from the reader to laptop and into excel or equivalent

Any help would be great, thanks for reading.

Thanks Eric

Hi Eric,

Best place to start would be the sparkfun hookup guide
According to this you should be able to get up to 4.5m range with the high gain antenna.

If you use the redboard or FTDI interface you should be able to read the data directly from the USB uart. You could use something like the ESP32 to make something that broadcasts the information via wi-fi.

Thanks Clinton , will check it out.

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