RFID Tag and Sensor

Hi there,

We have a solution coming up that we will involve items being checked in and checked out of a warehouse using RFID tagging.

We envisage the solution will require Tags and Beacons/Sensors to automatically send event data to a database online. We will be building the solution bespoke.

The solution will need to store event data in the event of internet loss, or send the data to a local third-party for when the internet is then available.

Would really appreciate some knowledge/suggestions on what sensors and tags to use here?

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Hi Matthew,

What kind of items will be checked in and out? How far away from the sensor will they need to be? Will the tags be reused or will they be disposable?

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your speedy response.

There is no preference to distance at this point. I think within a 1m range is fine. The idea was to have a sensor either side of a window bay for items to be passed through but happy to adjust this concept to suit the hardware required.

I think understanding both disposable and re-usable would be good. Though I think for provenance we will be leaning heavily toward the tags being re-used.


Hi Matthew,

For an application like this, I would start here:

Here is a guide to setting it up:
Use this external antenna to get more range (be sure to dial down the power though):

You may need cable adapters:

Here is a list of compatible tags:

This sensor and antenna has a range of up to about 4.5 meters, although you wouldn’t really want to operate it at that power in this situation, you could turn the gain down to cover a 1-2 meter doorway no problem!

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much for all the above information. I will have a look in depth and digest then come back to you.

This appears to be a very customised setup. Please excuse the question but, will this easily connect to a computer with a database? Would we be able to store the transactions locally in the case of internet outage and then post them to database?

Perhaps questions not for you, but would appreciate somewhere I could answers to those questions as well. Thank you for your help.

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Also, wondering about printable tags. Is it possible to get printable EPCglobal Gen 2 tags that would go with this reader? Do they come in rolls per 10k?

Hi Matthew,

I can’t speak to how EPCglobal Gen2 tags come, but this reader is capable of reading them.

As for software and interfacing with a database. This unit is pretty much hardware only, and does not have associated software to run it. You will be on your own when it comes to creating a program to interface with your database and logging entries. This device is more than capable of being incorporated into a system like that, but don’t expect it to just plug into a computer and work out of the box.

There is some generic software that will work with it though, you can find an explanation here: