RFID System for Stock control on a floor stand

Hi, I want to know how to implement an RFID system for stock control. I need to know how many products are at any time on a floor stand (600mmWx1500mmHx450mmH). I was thinking that may be using an antenna would work to read all products simultaneously in that area, but I’m not sure.
Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance


Hi Alejandro
This is difficult … see this article

How Many Tags Can Be Read By an RFID Reader at One Time? - RFID JOURNAL.

At one time I was involved in trying to do this (about 7 years ago - reading the 6-7 items supposedly fitted into a cabinet for QA checking), and I don’t think that there is a simple / cheap solution still. (and note the weblink above is many years old)

But this might be a current-ish solution


Lotsa luck!

Update - another weblink that (in the comments) may have a solution


Hi Murray,
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your help and I’ll check the RFID reader to see how could work with the project.


Yeah I tried this too about the same time, maybe a little earlier, with an amazing scheme that I was going to be able to rapidly check that an electrician or plumber had all his tools in the truck.
BOOM one scan and you know exactly what is there.
Simple bit of software on your phone to log all items, cost, serial number, receipt from purchase, RFID tag ID and then the app can tell you what is NOT in your truck.

Great right?

Yeah nah, it is not feasibly possible without spending huge amounts of money on it :frowning:


Yup - we actually went on to use bar-codes (that we controlled - long story) to do the scanning. It just took a bit of careful placement of the sticker on some things, and choosing a high (300) DPI printer, to get physically smaller but still readable labels for some chip-sets. And a good scanner! And good check digits!

We wound up tracking several million parts as we expanded the process to all items in inventory, not just the stuff for the QA check - only about 1000 items.