Rigol DM-3058E High Performance Digital Multimeter (DM3058E)

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The Rigol DM-3058E is a high performance digital multimeter, check out some of the specs…

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Hi I need a multimeter or some other way of measuring voltage and current output of transcranial direct current stimulation devices for a research project. The output of such devices is maximum 2mA and voltage up to 70volts. As the brain can respond to spikes at 1000Hz it is important to be able to measure at 2000Hz and record 2000 data points per second. I need to measure both current and voltage. The measurements need to be able to be sent to a spreadsheet. Will the Rigol 3058E do this or is there a better alternative. Is it that I need to use a data logger?

Hey, @Michael38575
For the expected frequencies you’ve mentioned, an oscilloscope would be the place to start. Digital 'scopes are capable of logging measurements direct to .csv files, and current probes exist.
Long-term datalogging is not really possible, but since the waveforms are periodic you only need to capture one or two to have a good understanding of the signal.

Perhaps start with a look at the DS1054Z by Rigol.

Thank you

How much would a current probe for that machine cost ?

Would it be able to data log for 30minutes ?


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We don’t carry o’scope current-probes, sadly.

No - more like <1s.

Now that I think of it we do have the Logic8 Pro which may be suitable. It’s capable of sampling across three analogue channels at 50MS/s and streams measurements to a desktop interface for quick analysis, or exporting. It would be up to you to condition the input signals to those accepted by the Logic - refer to Saleae’s spec page.

If this is still inappropriate then we’re moving into the realms of more specialty DAQ (Data Acquisition) hardware - something I have little experience with. Essentially, a PCI computer card plugging into a computer’s motherboard and presenting a measurement interface that instruments may be connected to.

The saleae will probably be fine for low-brow feasibility testing, a high-end DAQ necessary for scientific or otherwise rigorous measurements.

Hello Core Electronics, I recently purchased the DM3058E which has included Alligator Clips and Test Leads. I cannot see how how to attach the alligator clips to the included test leads. I was after advice before I forced anything together.

Hi Brendan
Sight unseen one can only guess and base advice on other probes.
You will probably find that the probe with the “pointy” end comes apart somewhere about the middle and the alligator clip bit replaces the “pointy” bit.
Without being familiar with Rigol probes that is the best I can do. Uni-T probes do this anyway.
Cheers Bob