RJ45 problem

Good day, everyone! Please excuse my naive mistakes, but could someone please explain them to me? My network cable will not fit in the RJ45 CAT6 connector even though I have a CAT6 cable and connectors. Is there something I’m missing? I was under the impression that a CAT6 cable could be terminated with an RJ45 connector in the same way that a CAT5 cable could… CAT6 tiny cables, on the other hand, appear to be substantially wider than CAT5 small cables.

Hi Daniel,

I’m not certified or anything for making network cables but I have dabbled around my own property before. I would expect an RJ45 connector is the one you should be using to terminal CAT6 cabling, the main differences between CAT6 and CAT5 are the increased turns per meter, foil shielding of the cable, and sometimes a plastic centre core that separates each of the twisted pairs from each other.

What about your connectors means that they won’t fit the cable you have? Are the conductors too thick to fit inside the RJ45 plug?

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