RoboMaster Tello Talent (CE07866)

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Unleash Your Creativity with the educational drone developed by DJI Education, RoboMaster TT is committed to lowering the threshold for robot and AI learning, and cultivating students’ curiosity and self-confidence during their first contact with science and technology education. To meet this goal, RoboMaster TT embraces open source and has been upgraded on the basis of Tello EDU to facilitate multi-drone control and AI applications through excellent software and hardware scalability. In addition, RoboMaster TT provides complete drone and AI courses and a new competition system to create a new experience in robotics education and fully stimulate students’ creativity.

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Hello I urgently need a Tello Talent, please open a request to restock it.

Hi @Yara273144 - I’m sorry, but this product is discontinued and we won’t be able to stock it in the future.