Robotic Bagpipes

Well, just when you thought that bagpipes couldn't get any stranger, someone goes and 3D prints a robot that can play them day and night; it's a real-life horror story. Jokes aside, may I present to you Ardu McDuino!

YouTuber XenonJohn 3D printed some fingers with a mechanism which is triggered by solenoids. Each finger has a small solenoid which pulls on a line with a spring which simulates the function of tendons in your finger. The fingers then control the airflow through the bagpipes to create the different tones.

The main element of the project is the 'chanter' which is a device designed to help people play the bagpipes by providing a constant airflow. A small air compressor is used to simulate the mouth-piece, and whilst it isn't the first robotic instrument of its kind, it shows a unique approach for creating one based entirely on open-source hardware (3D printed models and an Arduino Mega).

If you want to build one yourself, check out his instructable guide here.

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