3D Printed Pinball Machine

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the way that as technology grows and develops more and more, people seem to be using it to dive further and further back into the past. It’s fascinating to see the number of retro-gaming projects based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and the rise of 3D printing is no exception. May I introduce to you the genius behind this 3D printed, full-size pinball machine:

Tony from 3DFilaPrint is the guy responsible for this amazing contraption, and one of the coolest things about it is that apart from the electronics, it’s all 3D printed! They’ve used rubberised filaments, flexible filaments, as well as conductive filaments for various elements of the machine. It’s powered by two Arduino boards and 3.5 Kilometers of filament which took over 1200 hours to print.

We love seeing people reinvent the classics using modern technology, and we’d love to see what our community is working on the bring classics back to life, so get the conversation started below!

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