Roller Shutter light delay

Hi Guys
We have Roller shutters being used as garage doors and want to use the 240V output from the motor to activate lights (LED Strips approx 10 meters of 5050 smd’s (I think 3pm)) with a off delay once the door has opened or closed.
The motor has 4 wires 240V Power in, Earth , up and down
I have tried picking up power for the lights when opening the door off the up wire but
the power output put up for opening the door has a off delay when we open but not when we close the door and the power output for down is the same, it has a delay when closing but not when opening.
We would like to have the light stay on for a little longer both when we open and close the door.
my question is
Do you have something that can accept 240V in then activate a delay timer for a few minutes to power the lights? this way while the door is opening or closing we can have power for a light that will also stay on for a short time when the door has stopped?

Hi Gary,

You could do this with a current sensor and an Arduino to control the lights. Whenever the motor turns on you could sense the increased current, and code the Arduino to activate your LEDs with a delay. The nice thing about these current sensors is they require no direct electrical connection, they just snap around the wire:

Hi Stephen, Thanks for the reply
OK sounds good
Just a note I am a complete novice to Arduino.
So besides the led driver and led’s what other hardware is needed?
Thanks in advance

Hi Gary,

You should be able to just use a 12V relay.
and an Arduino:

We have a great online guide for learning to use Arduino:

or you could probably find a tutorial online for a very similar project and copy that!