RP2040 - how to flash memory - CIRCUITPYTHON

I have RP2040 and write code in circuitpython.
I would like to do the same as in this movie Raspberry Pi Pico - How To Flash a MicroPython Script with Rshell (on Windows) - YouTube but I find out that it is only for micropyton.
I would like receive data from RP2040 to computer by UART (port COM), always when I plug in RP2040.

Has anyone know how can I flash circuitpython script to RP2040?



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Here’s a guide to setting up CircuitPython: Installing CircuitPython | Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico and CircuitPython | Adafruit Learning System

Though if you’re looking for a script to run when the Pico receives power simply create a new Micropython script with the name ‘main.py’ and save it on the Pico (you can load it on there in Thonny).




I see @Liam 's reply would work for the Raspberry Pi Pico, but did you have the raw RP2040 IC? If so they don’t have any onboard flash storage so you’ll have to make sure that any designs you make include some, RPi’s docs cover this pretty well!

Then you can use the instructions Liam linked above.

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