RPi Sonos/vpn/pihole

Sorry Makers,

i wish this was more interesting.

i have a spare RPi2 sitting on my home network.

It started as a pi-hole. It blocks all ads, network wide.

Then i needed a vpn, so it also became a VPN endpoint…


It has now also become a sonos volume limiter, programmed in python… very much like the hushbox, cept i dont have the skills to give it any HTML/frontend for config… (msg me for the code if you want it)


The sonos limiter is coded to turn anything above 60% down, to 60%… the code is super simple, it needs to be, since im not a programmer at all.

NOW, its also a garage door opener… front end coded with Node-RED



Hey Dan,

Nice work on putting the Pi to work as a multipurpose device! If you wanted to have your project put up on our projects page, then feel free to submit a write up there. But as it is, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure it will encourage other makers to have a crack themselves.

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For 21 days the RPi also worked as a Domotz network monitoring appliance.

Domotz works amazingly, and I also got a trial with the Crestron/CresNet monitoring available.

Can’t recommend Domotz enough.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback Dan, it’s great to see what you can implement with a Raspberry Pi.

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yeah nah, its pretty simple. doesn’t really need a write up.

thanks for the quick delivery lads.

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