Running VNC viewer from pi NOT from windows

I have multiple Pi’s in my network, most are headless. I need to run VNC viewer on one of my PI’s which has monitor , kb, and be able to VNC to the other headless PI’s - how do I set this up? Most people seem to run VNC viewer on a windows machine and the VNC server on a pi - win to pi -, I need to VNC form pi to pi. I cannot find anything helpful.

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Hi Clem,

I very much think you are walking a very fresh, possibly untouched path. I wasn’t able to track down any resources on setting up VNC Viewer for the Pi specifically.

I’d start by downloading and installing VNC Viewer for the Pi from the link sent through on a previous topic and start by connecting to a client (or server) that you know you can connect to from another system.

I’m keen to see how you go!