Screenly Video Kiosk Offline

Hi, I’ve set up a video kiosk screen using the pre-loaded Screenly OSE image on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, how can I set it to run without any network connection? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jeremy,

This is the official answer from Screenly:

" The short answer is yes, but don’t. The Raspberry Pi is not designed to run in offline mode since it lacks a Real Time Clock (RTC).

In order for the device to Raspberry Pi to handle time properly, it needs to be able to communicate with an NTP server. If not, it can be off by several years, which of course isn’t ideal for a digital signage solution.

As such, you need to either configure the system to connect to a local NTP server, or use some alternative method to set the time (such as htdate).

Alternatively, you can add a Real Time Clock to your Raspberry Pi, but that’s beyond the scope of our support."

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What if I dont need the real time clock? I just want to make it offline. How can I make it?

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Hey, welcome to the forum,

You should be able to run the Pi and use HTDATE as listed in the link from Stephen. The time will likely be incorrect, but it should still run.

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