Can you help a newbie with a music box project?

Hello, I’d really appreciate any help I can get! I’m making a music box for a friend who has cancer. I’m a newbie so I may be missing something obvious!

I can’t seem to get the sound working. I’m using this sound board

I’ve attached 3 x AAA batteries to power and ground. I’ve attached a speaker to R and ground. (Here is the speaker

I’ve then attached another pin to Trigger # 8 and ground. The sound file is saved as T08LATCH.OGG

Once I connect the power I can hear the speakers crackle, but the song doesn’t play. If I listen really closely I can hear a low volume but high pitch noise and some tap/click sounds.

Is volume my problem? I have a potentiometer to use a volume know but I’m not really sure how to connect it. The Adafruit tutorial shows there are volume trigger pins but it said it doesn’t save your preset volume when you turn it off. I need to be able to save the volume at a certain level so it plays properly when switched on.

If it helps here is the project

This is meant to be a surprise so if by some sheer coincidence you know who I’m making this for please don’t tell them, especially if I fail at this project then they will get their hopes up for nothing.

I’m attaching some images to show the work. I haven’t soldered. Just playing around at this point.

By the way if anyone lives in Melbourne’s south east suburbs I’d happily pay for you to connect this for me! And I’d love to watch to learn. Alternatively if anyone can help me out here I’d be super super appreciative and you’d be doing something to help bring a smile to a sick person!!

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I think I’ve figured out the potentiometer. Triggering audio might be the issue. It’s not triggering.

The speaker makes the same cracking noise whether or not I have the audio trigger pins connected, so I’m thinking that’s the issue

Ok the demo tracks are playing fine. I just couldn’t get my track to play. Need to keep investigating

Figured it out! The file name was accidentally .ogg.ogg

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Hi Kirsten,

Yes, that’ll do it. Glad to hear that the project is working correctly. I hope that they like it :slightly_smiling_face: make sure to let us know if you run into any other issues. The staff are active on here between 9 and 5 Monday-Friday, we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. All the best!