Sensor / Motor Drive Board (DFR0057)

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This Sensor/Motor Drive Board (Cortex M3 CPU) is the integration of multiple communication interfaces that quickly build robotic systems. This board (Cortex M3 CPU) features the SPI Interface and works as a bridge between the whole system.

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Is this board reprogrammable by the user or is it only controller that must be a slave to master board e.g. PLC/ Arduino? Do you have more detailed documentation about this board: how to code software for it, how to connect for programming etc?


Hi Pawel,

This device is not programmable and must be controlled by another device. You can find all the information necessary to control it on the Product Wiki

Thank you for the answer. I am going to use this board for PID control of the motor. In order to properly setup PID, i need to know what algorithm is used in the firmware. Can you please tell me what algorithm for PID this controller has: Ideal (also called “ISA”), Series (also called “interacting” or “analog” or “classical”) or Parallel (also called “non-interacting”, “independent” and “gain independent”)?

Hi Pawel,

If that information is not available in the Product Wiki then I’m not sure where you would find it.
Good luck in your search!