Servo external spur gear dimensions?

After having a brief search on the googles I was unable to come up with the dimensions (diameter, number of teeth etc.) for external spur on micro servos. Can anyone provide me with this information or point me in the right direction?


Hey @Lachlan23633,
Servos within a brand should all adhere to the dimensions specified by their "class."
So all micro servos should have the same output-shaft specs. If you’re looking to purchase servo horns to suit your micro servo, simply searching for “micro servo horns” of the correct brand should yield compatible hardware.

If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to know the specific dimensions of the servo output?

Thanks Michael,

I am designing an little shaft that will be printed to fit straight over the servo gear. All I can find is number of teeth for a few different makes, wasn’t sure if there was a universal standard so I thought I would ask. Guess I can just buy the servo first and do the measurements myself.

@Lachlan23633, you might find the splines on a microservo are too fine to be reliably printed. Perhaps another solution would be to print a coupling to mate the shaft to a standard servo horn. Space permitting, of course.

Best of luck, anyhow!