Side-light Fiber Optic Tube - 5mm Diameter - 1 meter long (ADA4164)

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Yay, a plastic tube! No, Adafruit jest. This is no ordinary plastic tube, but rather a side-lighting fiber optic tube. This is a pretty neat way to glow up. Light in the … read more

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Hell there, could I get some information about the minimum bending radius and fatigue life of the cable?

Hey Raj,

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I just went and had a look at these quickly to do a bit of an inspection. The minimum bending radius was approximately 25mm. For the fatigue test, there isn’t much we can do in-house and Adafruit have not supplied much in the way of mechanical property tests on their product page.

I’d suggest following up with them on the Adafruit Support Forum for some more details.

Hope this helps!