SIM7600G-H 4G Hat B

I’m running raspberry pi 3B+ with a SIM7600G-H 4G Hat B.

I’m running this with ‘RNDIS’ driver and ‘option’ module on Linux 6.1.55-v7+

Trying to create a TCP/IP server for port forwarding and I get an ‘ERROR’ when I run ‘AT+SERVERSTART=?’.

Not only for this AT command but many other AT commands present in ‘SIM7500_SIM7600 Series_AT Command Manual _V1.08’, such as:

Is it because of the firmware version? What I have is LE20B03SIM7600M22 at the moment, and not exactly sure how to change it?

Could it be because of my SIM provider?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi Hammad,

Which port are you opening the server on?

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Hi James,

Apologies for the late reply. I’ve been researching ports. I intend to open SSH (22) and HTTPS (8443).