Sim7600e-h 4g hat issue


I am working on my examination project for high school, and I really need help figuring out an issue with my project.

Calling is really buggy, sometimes it calls and sometimes it does not. It used to work but it does not anymore, how to reset the thing, maybe that eould fix? Hardware issue or software?

I am currently on the bus to work, I will elaborate when at home.

Here is the github: GitHub - abdurryy/Salti-CS: Salti Call System

You do not understand how appreciated help would be when there is no good documentation online.


Iā€™d check the serial console to see what your HAT is sending back in response to AT commands. That should reveal more about what is happening.

Thank you for the fast response, I did do that and figured out that sometimes calls did not go through and weird bytes were exchanged, I will keep you updated on this.

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