Wiring Amplifier to Grand Central M4 Express

Hi, is it possible to connect the following stereo amplifier to the Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express pin A0?

After watching the How to Use Speakers and Amplifiers with Your Project. I have selected the following components, however I am not sure my wiring is correct, anyone have experience to check it over?



I’m not sure my wiring is correct so I’ve included an image up to the point I know it is correct as well as what I think it should be.



Hi Tomislav,

The amplifier uses the onboard dip switches to adjust the volume, as long as those ones are locked in you’ll be good!
While the potentiometers might be able to vary the voltage there might be some unintended effects - I’m not an expert on these specific chips though there isnt a mention of using potentiometers inline with the line-in signal.
The longer wires might be all good - I couldn’t find anything on calculating an output filter (sometimes a capacitor or capacitor bank, other filter topographies exist).
Yeah your analog output will be all good! The Amp is happy to take an analog signal up to the Vcc of the amp