Smoke Sensor Selection

Hi guys,

I am looking for a cigarette smoke sensor and can see that Core Electronics have a bunch of different sensors (MQ-2, MQ-5, MQ-7, MQ-8, etc) but I am not sure which one would be more suitable for detecting cigarette smoke.
I did some research on Google about the composition of gases in the cigarette smoke, but I could not find the percentage of each gas.
I know that it contains Carbon Monoxide, and so I wonder if MQ-7 would be OK to successfully detect cigarette smoke.

This is the sensor:

This sensor would be a small part of an ambitious automated window opener I want to develop for my house. Neighbour from downstairs is all the time smoking weed, so I would like my device to detect smoke (and also rain) and automatically close the window for a given pre-settable time.
The smoke sensor would be placed in the frame of the window and should be quite sensitive.

Thank you all!

I attached this to a Raspberry Pi and OLED display as a smoke sensor for when the fires were active.
It is very sensitive, and in my opinion it worked very well. But is expensive.
It would easily detect cigarette smoke.

This is a pic of my device.
The Pi was set up as a Wifi hotspot, and logged data.


Hi James,

Thank you for the recommendation, but I guess it is too expensive and bulky for what I need (I would like a small almost imperceptible sensor attached to the frame of the window).
BTW, your device looks amazing!