Project for converting the environment monitor from the projects page to utilise the mq-4 sensor

Hi Core Electronics team,

I was hoping to get your assistance with a complete parts supply that will enable me to build the environment monitor that you have on your projects page but altered slightly to accommodate the mq-4 sensor instead of the smoke sensor.

Many thanks

Hi Ryan,

Assuming you mean this project? Environment Monitor - V2 - Tutorial Australia

In that case, you’ll have two main things to contend with:

  1. The MQ-series of gas sensors is analog rather than digital, so you’d have to read them using an external ADC, rather than from a bus. A board like this comes to mind: ADC Pi | AB Electronics | Core Electronics Australia
  2. The EnviroPlusWeb software which James’ project runs on is designed specifically for the Enviro+ HAT, so you’d either have to heavily modify it or use it as the basis of your own flask application, or alternatively, use something like Grafana to graph CSV data (I’ve done this in the past)

Let me know if you have any followup questions, but that’s basically what you’d be getting yourself into.

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