Spare Car Camera, Uses?

I’ve got a spare camera for a camera that I’d like to possibly use in a security camera setup however I’m not sure what I could connect it too as it’s analogue video. It’s a wifi type and I can handle the power it’s just the signal.

I’ll welcome other suggestions too.


Hi Jake122538

Sounds like an interesting idea. It really comes down to the actual camera you have and what standards it supports. If you can share the brand and model of the camera we will be able to give you a more detailed answer. In the meantime, here is a cool home surveillance system software package.

Hey Mitchell

It’s just a chinese car camera that has an RCA output. I’m assuming my big issue is interfacing something with RCA to a digital system.

Thanks for the link, what sort of options for camera’s could I use for it? A standard USB webcam (with some range extension) comes to mind or IP camera?

Hey Jake,

Interesting, can you please send through a picture of the camera and its connections? I’ll see whether there’s any way that we can convert that signal to something useful for you.

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Hey Bryce

Thanks for the interest. Mine is identical to this in terms of video connection (At work atm), power has a pin socket but that is of no issue to me as I can change it.

Hey Jake,

No worries, we’re here to help! That’s a very common standard (the RCA output) there’s actually a few other forums regarding this same problem. It appears that they’ve found some possible solutions on the one below.

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Sounds easier to either get a USB webcam plus contacam, RPi plus camera or individual IP camera.

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