NoIR v2 camera with Model B+

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased a v2 NoIR camera and tried to connect it to a Model B+ Raspberry PI 1. Unfortunately, the camera is not detected:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ vcgencmd get_camera
supported=1 detected=0

I also have a v1.3 colour camera, which works fine. I’ve tried reseating all the cables and updating all the software, but nothing has helped so far. Is there anything else worth trying?


Hi Rhys,

If you don’t have a second NOIR to test with, what happens with a fresh install of Raspbian?

Hi Graeme,

I actually tried that first :slight_smile: I downloaded 2018-03-13-raspbian-stretch-lite and re-imaged the SD card, then tried it, then applied all the various software updates.


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Nice, the only variable left would be the connector. Given you have another camera to test with, it’s safe to say you are confident on that side.

Shoot a reply email to your order confirmation so we can get a return underway (throw in a link to this forum topic).