Sparkfun AvR programmer port missing on Arduino ide

Until recently my sparkfun programmer was f
Working well. Mac upgraded to Monterey. After this there was no port showing up on the Arduino Ide. Thinking it was a programmer fault I purchased a replacement. It acts the same way. Ide is latest Arduino 2.0.0

Looks like a driver is missing but previously no problem

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Hey Ted,

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Which ARV programmer did you have in particular?
It definitely sounds like a driver issue although I came across this interesting forum post on rejigging a similar-looking AVR programmer’s drivers to work through a virtual machine running Ubuntu.


Hi Liam,
Thanks for the reply. I will look at the link.

The device is the sparkfun programmer for the attiny:

It was working perfectly before the Monterey upgrade for several attiny projects.

I have to say I thought it must be a fried device so I bought a new one. Same thing.

I have loaded the suggested FTTI DRIVER but to no avail.

Changing to boot Camp and Microsoft 10 , I see the device in the port list but it doesn’t connect with the Arduino IDE but I am not au fait with Microsoft.
Apple shop says that Monterey has changed drivers but can’t offer a solution.
There is a bit of “noise” on the internet about Mac not needing to download drivers for this device and that was true in the past but as yet there is not much interest in this programmer or the driver problem.
There was a glimmer of hope suggesting that it was not so much of a driver problem as a change to the port definition. The solution claimed was to insert a port extender which changed how the Mac dealt with ports. I will try this for the cost of a port extender.
If it doesn’t work, it looks like I will have to use an Arduino uno as a programmer for the tiny85 at this stage.

Ted Radclyffe

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Hey Ted,

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