Sparkfun FTDI breakout basic - connection issues

I purchased the Arduino Pro Mini 328 plus Sparkfun Mini GPS Shield plus GPS receiver (GPS-735) to create a GPS receiver. This is the same as the gps project on the Sparkfun website

I have assembled the hardware and when I plug into my laptop (using the FTDI breakout board) via USB the lights on the Arduino and GPS shield turn on. However, I can’t seem to locate this project via the USB portals on my laptop…so that I can’t use the Arduino app to program the Arduino Pro Mini.

I followed the instructions on the Sparkfun website for “How to install FTDI Drivers” and installed the VCP Driver software for my Apple laptop (using software macOS Catalina 10.15.5). The installation process completed and “The installation was successful” was the message.

However, I followed the instructions and plugged in the device but I did not find the device in the /dev directory. I followed the below instructions (as per the installation guide) to confirm…

/dev can be accessed through the Terminal application. The Terminal application can be launched
by selecting Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Type the following lines in the Terminal
window to produce the file list:
cd /dev

Any ideas as to why I can’t locate the device on my laptop after following the above steps?



I did a bit of googling. Apparently Apple changed some things and broke it in Catalina. The latest driver on FTDI’s driver page is 2.4.2 but they have released 2.4.4 on their forums. Some people are still having issues though apparently.

Here’s the golden nugget:

See also:

Apparently this is an alternative to using the FTDI drivers:

Good luck! You may need to find another way…