SparkFun RTK Express - PC not detecting USB serial connection

I have a sparkfun RTK Express GNSS reciever which has been working fine but suddenly the PC does not recognize the device when connected via USB. What could be the problem?

Hi James,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: sorry to hear you were having issues with the RTK express receiver.

Just to be clear, since there are a lot of variants of the RTK devices, like an Express and the Express Plus variant. Was this the model of RTK receiver you had?

Does the device still power up and show the display as normal?
If you are using a Windows PC and you open the Device Manager, can you see a USB device appear and disappear as it is connected and removed, even if it is no longer recognized fully as the RTK unit?
Trying another USB cable is also worth a shot to rule out a simple cable issue.

Thanks for your reply, Changing the USB cable did it for me. It is now working as it should.

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