OBD ii Cable wont connect to diagnostic program interface

We are having an Issue with the OBD II cord and the D9 cord works fine but when connected to the diagnostic program it states there is an issue with the interface, we have made sure the port correspond to the correct one it is connected to, all drivers are installed and it still isn’t connecting, restarting the program, disconnecting and reconnecting the cable, power on and power off on the machine and still it will not connect. If we could get some help in this matter it would be greatly appreciated

Hi Raymond,

Could you give us a little more information of what you are trying to connect to and what software/tools you are using to connect?

We are trying to connect to a laptop with a Windows OS using a D9
to USB connection cable (driver disc used to install), the
diagnostic program is from Mitsubishi forklifts Australia

Do you have another serial device that you can check the functionality of the USB to serial converter with?

Yes we do, I have checked the converter and it all works

If the serial port is working you should be able to read from it using Putty with the OBDII connected this may give you some information about what is happening with it. I’m flying a little blind on this one as I know nothing about the Mitsubishi software or how you have connected everything.