SparkFun SOIC to DIP Adapter - 8-Pin (BOB-13655)

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The SparkFun 8-Pin SOIC to DIP Adapter is a small PCB that lets you adapt SOIC packages into a DIP footprint. These tiny boards are useful for modding and upgrading devices that use 8-pin DIP ICs, when the upgraded IC is only available in a SOIC footprint. You can also use these adapters for prototyping by making SOIC packages compatible with solderless breadboards.

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I had purchased two SOIC FRAMS to interface to a particle Photon. These adapters (they come in a set of 4) fitted the job perfectly. The instructions are on spark fun and if you use a large magnifying glass with a fine point soldering iron glass should be a piece of cake. Both mine worked first go!

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Glad to hear everything went well, Stan!

What projects are on the cards?

Thanks for the post Stan! I’d love to hear what projects you’re got lined up with your Particle board.

Doing quite a bit with the Particle boards (electrons and photons).

Project I am doing now is for the office (Just guys in my office) - a profaninity thermometer .

Adafruit mic
16 neo pixels on a strip
Either a SD or pair of frams. (Turns out SPI is the limiting factor and I can get similar speed as FRAMS going to SDfat!
Subscription to speech to text service.

Photon samples in 1 second chunks and puts it into external storage.
When it has ten seconds sends it to speech to text
Looks for ‘Bad’ words and increments the led strip (which over time will decay).

At a glance you can see how see the current abuse level in the office!


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That. Is. Awesome. It’d be great to see a working design when you have it done. If you share your project with the maker community then we’ll give you $50 store credit! Check it out here