SPO2 & HR sensor for Micro:bit? MAX30102 / MAX30105

My kids are wanting to get HR and SPO2 data from the wrist, ideally working with a Micro:bit as that is what they are most familiar with. However, they could use any Micropython board I guess.

From some research it seems like the two popular sensors are the max30102 max30105. Does anyone know if these will work with the micro:bit? Any guidance in getting the ball rolling with this would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

The Max30105 seems to be a 3.3V device so electrically it will work.

There is a sensor that Spark-Fun make for the microbit, they are between production runs but they should be back in stock at some point

Thaks @Clinton! I did some more searching and came across those :slight_smile: I ended up ordering the Sparkfun: https://core-electronics.com.au/sparkfun-particle-sensor-breakout-max30105.html

It appears to have a supported Arduino library but I haven’t found much for micropython, yet. If you have any experience or if there’s any chance of CE offering mentoring/tutoring to get the SPO2 working we’d be all ears :slight_smile:

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