Strange issue with DHT22 - too much power draw

Hi team, any suggestions on how to handle this - possibly just a dud unit.
I purchased a few DHT22’s recently, order 100229814.

One of the DHTs when I plug it in immediately causes my ESP32 to shut down with a warning on my mac about USB power draw being exceeded.

It’s the equivalent to having a short circuit between the 3.3v and ground lines on the DHT.

I have another DHT that works as expected when used in place of the faulty one.

With my multimeter I can see that the resistance between VIN and GND on the DHT are as expected - so its not a simple case of a shorted pin internally on the device. I don’t have an oscilloscope so I can’t look much further but my suspicion is that during initialisation something unexpected is happening which lowers resistance between VIN and GND.

Have you seen an issue like this before? Any thoughts on how to resolve it? If its a dud unit would it be possible to get another one sent out?


OK I tried on an Arduino and it works. Both 3.3 and 5v are fine. I’ll try again on my ESP and see what happens…