Substitute for G4 lampholder

Hello, I am hoping I am posting in the correct section of the forum but if not please let me know what forum section would be better suited for the following question.

I am building a small, battery operated table lamp. I have sourced a LED array bulb that requires 6v and max 500ma. for the initial prototype I will be using 4xAA cells to provide the 6v. All that is pretty simple to manage. The main problem I have is the LED array has two pins suited for a G4 lamp holder(4mm spacing) and while those are common holders and easily obtained they are really designed for a halogen bulb. For me this means the thinner pins on my LED result in a very loose connection and the LED is too easily displaced. Additionally the inbuilt G4 wires are designed for the heavier current loads of a Halogen lamp and are way heavier and therefore stiffer and less flexible than the 22AWG I would like to use. And finally because of the very low heat output of the LED the ceramic base of the standard G4 essentially just gets in the way!

My question is has anyone had any experience with a better method for mounting an LED like I am using or can advise of any G4 base that is suitable for low loads and voltage and might give a more robust connection for my LED and allow me to use say 20AWG wire?

Bit of a long shot question I know but the Core Electronics Forum been so helpful with previous questions I am hoping someone may have already wrestled with and solved this question.

Final note: I have a 3D printer and have considered printing a holder into which I can insert female JST connections but that is all pretty tiny so has its own set of problems.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Hi Leslia
What is the pin pitch of a JST connector? I don’t have one at hand and I haven’t searched but if by chance it is 2mm you might be able to use a 3 pin JST and ignore the centre hole. Or you may be able to attach larger (male) pins to your LED pins.
Cheers Bob

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