SX1303 915M LoRaWAN Gateway Module+HAT for Raspberry Pi (CE09113)

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SX130x 868M/915M LoRaWAN Gateway Module/HAT for Raspberry Pi, L76K Module(HAT only), Standard Mini-PCIe Socket, Long range Transmission, Large Capacity,…

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Could this module potentially be configured to work with a Chirpstack LNS running on the same Raspberry Pi or is it a strict TTS setup?

Hi Ben,

It looks like the hardware is physically capable of running a Chirpstack network as it’s referenced in the manufacturer’s product wiki however the documentation and provided sample code is based on a setup using The Things Network. You would likely have a lot of custom configuration ahead of you.


Thanks Trent, more weekends than I have time for at the moment I reckon!

Did anyone successfully get the data from lora module ? i only got GPS data but not lora data from my lora transmitter. I wrote simple readline command using pySerial python library.

my python code:

Only gps data showing:

My lora transmitter looks like this:

from machine import UART, Pin
from utime import sleep_ms, ticks_ms

uart = UART(1, baudrate=9600, tx=Pin(4), rx=Pin(5), timeout=1000)

def receive_uart():
    '''Polls the uart until all data is dequeued'''
    while uart.any()>0:
        rxData +=
    return rxData.decode('utf-8')

def send_AT(command):
    '''Wraps the "command" string with AT+ and \r\n'''
    buffer = 'AT' + command + '\r\n'
#     sleep_ms(300)

def echo():
    while uart.any() > 0:
        rxData = uart.readline()


last_transmit = 0
transmit_period = 500

while True:
    now = ticks_ms()
    if now - last_transmit > transmit_period:
        last_transmit = now
        send_AT('+TEST=TXLRPKT,"00 00 01 00 00 af 80 07 02 00 00 39"\n')  # send test data
    echo() # show debug data from LoRa-E5 module

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Hi Gunawan,

How were you intending to use this HAT? As a TTN gateway or just raw LoRa?

Have you taken a look at the Waveshare guide to see if it works in the intended configuration?

Could you send us a picture of how you have everything hooked up?

Here is the scenarios: I want those two small transmitter sending data to the raspi 4 with lora hat.
I don’t want to use TTN, just raw data, because i am planning to push the data from raspi 4 to company server via mqtt only. No third party services.



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Hi Gunawan,

Looks like more in-depth instructions can be found here:

The L76 GNSS chip is actually separate, so that might explain why you’re not getting messages from the “concentrator” in the same serial feed:

I was looking at the sx1302 git repo and noticed that there wasn’t an AU915 configuration file.
Does anyone know where i can get one or more about the packet_forwarder configuration to modify an existing config file?


Hi Steven,

While I haven’t worked with LoRaWAN or this board before, I did find some other forum chatter about this:

And a github link to some config files that mention the frontend chip in this HAT, perhaps you can splice something together?

Hi James,
I also queried waveshare and they supplied me with the AU915 config file. (1.3 KB)

I have attached it for the benefit of others searching for the same thing…


Hi Steven,

Thank you very much for sharing!