TB6600 - Enable using GPIO.HIGH

I am using a TB6600 stepper motor driver but do not want the holding torque enabled all the time.

I currently have the ENA+ terminal connected to GPIO (Board) 33 (BCM 13)

I have successfully done this in my python code by connecting with:

GPIO.setup(33, GPIO.OUT)

I then set the output to high

GPIO.output(33, GPIO.HIGH)

This removes the holding torque and essentially disables the stepper. Exactly what I want!

When I need to run the stepper I just set

GPIO.output(33, GPIO.LOW) # Enable stepper, enables holding torque
along with the other relevant code to pulse it and set direction etc.

When the stepper has done its job I set it back to HIGH.

The problem I have is when I exit the script and use GPIO.cleanup()
It sets the output to LOW, which means when my script is not running the motor is in holding torque phase. I am not that comfortable with this as overtime it gets extremely hot and actually melted through my plastic work bench. I don’t really fancy burning down the house.

Is there a way to reverse what I want to do, by enabling the stepper with HIGH instead of LOW. This way after a GPIO.cleanup() it will at least leave it in the low state with no power being consumed by the stepper through the TB6600 stepper motor driver.