X Axis Driver

I have a Chinese Laser 60 watt. The water pipe split and water got to the electronics ( no drain hole?? ) My control Panel is flashing so I removed the two drivers and replaced one at a time. One the X Axis is causing the flashing I think. It is a JMC 2M542-06. Do I need one the same of do you have a replacement without re wiring.



This one appears to be the same.

Were there any connections to the resolution or current setting terminals? Connections here (other than simple user-adjustable jumpers) would indicate that the controller can change the driver settings on the fly. If they aren’t used then I would say that the TB6600 is a direct replacement, almost certainly using the same internal components. If you can get detailed specifications for the original unit they could be compared line-by-line. If those connections did exist then either that facility would no longer be available (only manual setting of the configuration switches was possible) or possibly the the device would not work at all, and an exact replacement would be required.


I will see if I can find the connections and settings

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I didn’t look closely enough at your image. Those labels refer to switches, not connections, so my comment re software control of those settings is wrong and should be ignored. I would say that the TB6600 is a direct replacement. The only difference is that it has the switches at the end rather than at the side.