TEE1010 Part 2 - Choosing Pin Connections - A FCB1010 rebuild with a Teensy 4.1

I’m going to rebuild an FCB1010 into something that is more capable. To do this I am going to gut the internals and instal a Teensy 4.1 and Teensy Audio card. I have delusions of it working like a bass pedal, MIDI sequencer and/or drum machine.

In this Video I explain which pins I am using to connect the Teensy 4.1 to other electronics

I am a guitar player so this foot pedal will be very helpful. Got any good ideas?



Hi John,

Awesome project! Thanks for sharing it with us. Teensy’s make great DSP chips for guitar pedals, even kits exist to simplify some aspects of the construction.



Keen to see this evolve with the additional power of the Teensy!

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Thanks for the Links. However, I will be using the synth design tool (which I have used before) to make sounds and midi.h to send and receive MIDI messages as well. The Teensy is very powerful and has lots of connections. I am currently wiring up the hardware. Just waiting for a couple of parts I ordered from CORE that should be here next week.

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Hey John,

There was a project that went up a little while ago by the name of the Euclidian that might make a nice combo :smiley: Projects - The Euclidean Australia


Thanks, appreciate the link. I did see that. I was planning on having as many interesting things as possible incorporated into it. I have done probabilistic stuff before and this is definitely on the radar.