TEE1010 Part 4 - Simple Mono Synth Software - A FCB1010 rebuild with a Teensy 4.1

I’m am rebuilding a FCB1010 into something that is more capable. To do this I have gutted the internals and installed a Teensy 4.1 and Teensy Audio card. I have delusions of it working like a bass pedal, MIDI sequencer and/or drum machine.

In this Video I explain how I programmed a simple mono synth. So far it has the ability to play in various scales including a major and minor scale. I have also added latch mode and an arpeggiator.


Hey John,

Awesome stuff! I’ve already mentioned it but the videos are awesome, keep them coming!!



Thanks Liam. I am working on Song Mode at the moment. I have discovered that Teensys have 4k of EEProm “Storage” which means that I can make and store 100 user editable 32 step patterns.