Teensy and Glowbits 606 Drum Machine

TEE606 - with Launchpad TD3 and Volca FM - #Jam

Video showing features of my TEE606 drum machine. This uses samples of a 606 controlled by a Teensy 4.0 microcontroller in a bespoke Radio Shack box. Volume, Pattern length and Probability per sound is included.

I had most of the parts so it ended up cheaper than buying one.



Hey John,

Cool to see and hear your latest creation and stoked to see our humble GlowBit featuring in the process!

Have you considered submitting a project write-up to our site? You can get up to $200 of store credit with the right project and write-up. The process is described here if you are interested https://core-electronics.com.au/create-project

Also, I must add I felt a little cheated to see slide potentiometers replaced with rotary potentiometers, slide pots just have so much nicer tactile feel, at least I think they do.

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I love musical projects :heart: This is great!
So good to see GlowBit in the wild too :smiley:


Thanks Trent. I’ll think about it when I have a bit more time.
The original sliders where logarithmic (good for audio) and were not good for reading values by analogread. I tried to use one but it was too hard to input values. Microcontrollers need linear pots.


Thanks Michael. The glow bits are great!