TMP117 + Pico Pi W heat interferance?

Hi All!

Been setting up Temperature monitors and I wanted to print up a little case for Pico W and the TMP117 for outside.

I notice that having the TMP117 too close to the Pi, the temperature as read by the TMP117 increases up 2 degrees… Anywhere up to 5 or so cms away from each other seems to skew the results…

Obviously the Pi generates heat but I wouldn’t have thought that it would make any difference unless they were touching.

Has anyone experienced this, is the solution to just not have them so close or is this a me thing?

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Hi @Chris180633 - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I think the solution is to space them apart - you’re using a really accurate and precise device so it’s probably the one that can be trusted here.

We designed the PiicoDev Precision Temperature Sensor TMP117 to have as fast a response time as possible by keeping the device suspended in its own thermally isolated island in the middle of the board. You should see pretty immediate results when you move it around, and even the proximity of your hand will likely have an effect.

OK thanks for that

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Hi Chris

The sun makes you hot and you certainly don’t touch it.
Cheers Bob

Adding heat sinks to the Pico W can help manage its temperature and reduce the heat affecting the TMP117.

Hi Ila

The heat sink will radiate any heat generated by the Pico which will still be detected by the TMP117.

There is a reason any carrier board has this sensor on a little island cut out of the main board. It is to minimise any heat generated by other on board components affecting the actual sensor.

The only way to prevent this interference is to physically separate the sensor and Pico.
Cheers Bob