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On February 29, 2012 the first Raspberry Pi was launched. Little did Earth know just how generally awesome that little credit card computing platform would change the world! We stock official gear from Raspberry Pi in Australia along with creative bits and pieces from all your favorite brands.

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I am having trouble with my raspberry pi 3. When everything is plugged in I get a red light but no green light, and there is no power through to the mouse or keyboard and there is no signal through to the monitor (I am using the HDMI).
Any ideas?

Hi, Graham. It seems I am having a similar problem to the one Will had (Mar '17) - but by no means the same. When I power down my Pi 4, the red light remains on. So I have no real means of telling when the Pi has actually finished shutting down.


Recently bought a GPi case and the audio isn’t working properly, with the speakers all I can hear is buzzing and if I use earphones the left channel works great but the right channel is all buzzing. I’ve done a fresh install of retropie on another SD card and made sure the raspberry pi was installed correct but I still have this issue.

Hey Everyone,

This part was returned and a replacement was sent out after the fault was confirmed. If anyone else has similar issues with their GPi cases reply to your order confirmation email and we can go through the troubleshooting with you and get you back on track ASAP.

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Hello i have a question with the facial recognition with raspberry, i was watching the video but, how can I do it if I have a raspberry pi 3?