There is nothing in serial monitor

i bought the bluefruit nRF 52832, i opened the arduino IDE but there is nothing in serial monitor?

Hi @yuan52043,

Where abouts in this tutorials are you coming undone?

i set up the board as the tutorial, the problem is nothing appears in the serial monitor…

There are a number of steps involved with setting that board up. Just to be sure we’re on the same page, can you share screenshots of:

  • the Arduino IDE board menu selection
  • nrfutil installation is correct
  • SiLabs selection within Serial Monitor

These steps are listed in the “Arduino BSP Setup” section. There is also an FAQ section at the bottom of the tutorial which covers off on different scenarios.

can you tell me how to install the nrfruit on windows? i cannot find how to install it in the guide.


As noted in the guide, nrfutil is normally included with Windows. Would be best to follow the guide step by step, and use the FAQ at the bottom.