Serial Monitor problems

Hello gurus,
Probably something I missed doing, BUT: With my real Uno, my serial monitor was always working OK when running the program. It always opens on Port 3
I then purchased a couple of geekcreit compatibles and the serial monitor does open up, but does not show anything how/when the code is executed.The geekcreit port is always Port 8.

Can someone enlighten me, please. Is this “normal behaviour” and just due to the different manufacturer or have I missed something in the set-up?
BTW, the “kinetic sculpture” should be up and running next week.
Thanks Gurus.

Probably due to different USB/UART chips on the boards. “Genuine” Arduino boards typically use a CP2102 chip, while the Geekcreit boards use a CH340 chip and save a few pennies.

Different chips, different drivers, so different ports.

The functionality is still the same.


Hi Frank.

The CH340 chip needs the correct driver installed, but you say it is seen on port 8 and that indicates the driver is installed. Use Windows Device Manager to explore.

I take it you are able to upload yr sketch to the geekcreit board, yes?

Thanks Gurus,
In the mean time, I installed CH340, so everything should be OK in the future. For a newbee like me, problems are challenges wand with good people to help on this forum it’s not a bad experience :slight_smile:
Cheers to all