Touch Screen Pin Connection Help

I am new to touch screens and still trying to wrap my head around if the resistive touch controls output a digital or analog signal.

If I use this Touch Screen Driver (RA8875) can I connect the pins Y+ Y- X+ X- to the digital I/O pins on my Uno or must it be the analog pins.


Haven’t had any experience with this device. But from reading the data sheets these signals would be analog. Therefore connection the UNO analog pins. Adafruit say to use another board as the interface. But seeing what you get from connection to the UNO Analog pin would be fun. Check the voltage level swings, you may need to use a different reference voltage on AREF.


Hi Explorex,

If you take a look through the documentation at the bottom of the product page, there are links to the github and other resources that you will need. The example code in the github tells you what pins to connect the screen driver to.