Troubleshooting Flirc USB + Dynalink Universal Remote

I recently bought a Flirc USB for my Macbook Pro v10.12.6 with software v3.25.3 and firmware v4.9.3 (both are the most recent Flirc versions). The Flirc software says that I have successfully recorded my keys to my remote, but I can’t get the remote to use the keys. The remote still works and I haven’t ever had a problem with it so I’m hoping someone can help troubleshoot this issue. I’ve also tried clearing the configuration multiple times and I’ve no luck.

Hi Smokeshow,

Hmm, sounds like the FLIRC is probably working at least within itself. I’d suggest checking IR input - what’s your lighting like? Is it fluorescent tubes? Sometimes these can interfere with IR remotes.

I’d recommend swapping out your batteries in your remote for fresh alkalines and have a go re-recording the signals in a dark room, just to minimize any signal interference.

On the software side, there’s some great advice in the FLIRC manual: Debugging and Logging · Flirc Gen2 Manual

You might also want to look through the FLIRC forums:

Hi Oliver,

I just tried it with a Sony DVD remote laying around, and it works perfectly! I suspect my problem has something to do with the fact that the buttons on the universal remote need to be programmed. Ah well, at least the Flirc works exactly as I hoped!

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Hi Smokeshow,

No worries! A little hack that you can do to check that you’re getting output from the remote is to use a camera that doesn’t have an IR filter and aim that at the IR LED in the front of your remote, which should clearly identify whether or not you’re actually getting a signal from it.

Best of luck with your project!

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