TTN gateway disconnected?

I have a Ugateway which is now transferred to my account. TTN is registering it as disconnected (last seen 9 days ago). But I’m getting signals through to my application. So I’m wondering if either the TTN server is misreporting or alternatively someone might have set up another gateway nearby without me realising.
I recall Graham seemed able to check some things directly via the API. Can you check TTN is all up and A1?
Is there a way I can check which gateway a node is sending to?
thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I’ve invited Graham to this conversation.

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It’s not unusual for a the TTN V2 Map to show gateways as offline.

You’ll be able to go to the data tab in your TTN console and view the events going through the gateway. If so, everything is fine. TTN V2 has some scaling issues for maps/reports, though packet forwarders and everything else has been rock solid.

You could also use the URL path here to view the public information of your gateway, though the console data log would be evidence enough that everything is fine:

Same thing has happened again. This time my Sentrius gateway is showing “not connected” but is working and transferring data into the application. I can show it with the “xxxxxx” command. But my uGateway is showing “not connected” and the json is “status not found” with the noc URL. I’ve tried changing the TTN router to the US and back to asia-SE. I’ve rebooted the uGateway.
It does look like a TTN problem not a hardware one. Is there a way of logging the startup for the uGateway just to be sure it is booting correctly?
Other than this, very happy with the uGateway.
Thanks, Andrew

Interesting - on uGateway taffic logs (in your TTN console), do you see packet activity when you test a node?

From what I can see in a past email, your uGateway EUI does resolve to a working end point

Not that privacy matters for your EUI, though change the last 6 digits to your uGateway last 6 digits:

And you get a 200 response along with expected info.


I will respond on the forum

Cheers Andrew

Ok nice, so this is the URL (which works):

I was changing the XXXXXX to my own gateway address - just didn’t want to post it on the forum.

Yes I can see it now with the NOC command but the console is still showing the gateways all disconnected and there’s no connect in the application
You don’t suppose it could be to do with being logged into the console on more than one computer and this crashing my link do you?

It’s not possible, as the Gateway EUI both a unique and immutable field. The EUI could never be reused if deleted, so for it to be registered and working via NOC, it is operational (notably if packets are going through it).

If it persists then it might be best to engage the TTN community as the issue is not hardware dependant by the looks of things. V2 NOC is known to be a bit hit and miss.

Hi Andrew,

How are things going now that a couple of days has passed - from what I can see there are pings every 30s or so (which is normal)?

Sorry I meant to do an update. Yes all good and not missing a beat now. Looks as though the gateway console display is rather flakey, but the underlying network is better (although perhaps not infallible). Makes it a bit tricky to troubleshoot. Thanks for your help and interest.


Stranger and stranger. I have 2 gateways, in different locations. One is a Sentrius which shows in the TTN console as connected. The other is a uGateway and this shows as not connected, although the TTN application is working and data is transferring through. The NOC call to the uGateway shows a timestamp from a couple of weeks ago although the gateway is working now. I know Graham has posted in the TTN forum about these issues. I’m using the same router and frequency settings.