Turtle bot secondary power source

Hi there,

I am building a Turtle bot of sorts and am looking for the right gear to create a secondary power source.
So all this is just so I dont have to unplug/plug a second power source into the jetson.
Looking at adding a rechargeable lipo to power a Jetson and would like to charge it when the roomba is docked.
I could rig up something dangerous that gets it done but am looking for a solution that offers simplicity and practicality and quite honestly have ran out of ideas.

3 potentials are:
Using the brush power out
Using an attachment on the power that flows through the serial between the roomba and the jetson.
Other genius idea you may have…

so would be happy with suggestions and a bill of materials that will achieve this
thanks in advance…


Hi Aaron,
All of the connections and wiring will be up to you, but if you want to provide a secondary power source, you could use a LiPo, along with the charging circuitry connected up to your wall power source.