Unable to print certain stl files

Wondering if anybody can help? I have several stl files downloaded from the RPF and other sites such as DO3D but when I open them in CURA it doesn’t recognise it. Normally when you load a file into the CURA software it will display (in the top left hand side of the page) under the “Control” icon how long the print will take and how much filament it use etc, but when i load some of my previously downloaded files once opened in CURA the time and filament used icons show 0 (no time and no filament) Now i have gone in and repaired these files (as well) using Nettfabb, Autodesk 123 and even tried the microsoft 3D printing site (which doesn’t even open) but they still aren’t recognised. I have uploaded one of the stl’s I’m having problems with and am hoping someone can help. Thanks

Sorry, it seams i can’t upload my file here : (
as i am a new user

If anyone knows what I’m trying to explain and can help out I would really appreciate it

Hi Adam,

Can you please try again with the upload. Also, you’re working with a TAZ 6 yeah?

hook-for-cape-3d-printable-armored-batsuit-bvs-v15-highpoly-by-do3d.stl (1.4 MB)

Yes, I am using the Taz 6

Reading the origin of where this STL comes from; it’s a teeeny tiny object that is 2mm in size and needs to be adjusted to suit your unique needs. I confirmed this by loading it into Cura, zooming right in on the center and could see the object in the middle.

The object is not flat on the bed, so I rotated it to sit flat. I scaled it up to 10x and the gcode generated suggested a 4 minute print time. Everything seems fine?

ok i’ll give it a try

The design is actually on a non-standard angle to begin with - you may need to hold shift while rotating in Cura, or, edit this STL and lay it flat on a plane

Hi Adam, how did things go with this?

Iron Man Upper Palm (mirrored) (repaired).stl (1.5 MB)

Hi Graham,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and support this afternoon, giving up your time to personally talk me through some of the finer points of setting up my STL files to print.

I am blatantly aware that the problems i was incurring were through my own oversights as a novice 3D printer user and not at all due to the Taz 6 printer.

Sometimes it’s the small over sites that can have you tearing your hair out : (

But thanks to you (and your patience) i am now confident that i can print like a professional.

I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your team.

Once again thank you for your time and patience this afternoon


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Sometimes my Flashforge printer says a file (STL file) needs to be repaired. It then asks me if I want to and it repairs it for me. (I’ve never thought about what it has not liked about the file…because it has always been able to resolve it…but perhaps your post has given me a clue as to what is causing it). I use “flashprint” software…which I know is not for your printer, but would be interesting if it could have resolved the issue.

Another good program I use use is FreeCad…and one can import STL files in from there…not a bad piece of software considering it is free.


Thanks Joseph, this issue was mostly based around an extruder that needed to be purged. If the filament is changed / a print was stopped just after the “start” gcode (when it retracts 20mm), then the printer will have flow issues until it’s purged properly. I walked Adam through the sequence on the phone, and we got a first layer underway, along with some other tips we’ve collected over the years of printing.

Broken STLs is a very real issue though, and thanks for sharing your tips as that repair method should work just as well for any STL file!